Maple Tree Pilates is a boutique studio conveniently located in the heart of Sandnes, Norway. The studio is a beautiful, light-filled space equipped with state-of-the-art Merrithew equipment. We focus on intelligent movement and ensure efficient and safe movement practices. We are committed to the best instruction, attention to alignment, form, movement and efficiency of movement promoting exceptional health and wellbeing.


Our classes and individualized programs are designed to support intelligent exercise through safe and efficient movement. We apply functional movement practices to our Pilates instruction and seek extensive training and research to ensure the highest quality of instruction for our clients.

I have gone through hundreds of hours of instruction, practice and training to ensure that everyone receives the same tailor-made approach so that everyone may have the same benefits of this life-changing exercise routine.


safe athletic conditioning
improve posture and alignment of the spine
creates a deeper understanding of mind-body connection
reduces stress and anxiety, improve mental focus
increases energy
improves balance and flexibility
increases mobility and range of motion
increases strength and endurance
low impact on the joints while increasing bone density
utilizes core strength
alleviates back and joint pain
alleviates pain from hyper-mobility
rehabilitates injuries and prevention of future injuries