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Calories and minerals in maple syrup

By March 21, 2018Maple syrup

Just some of the minerals found in one serving

All pure maple syrup products are 100% natural and completely unrefined. In addition to preserving all the nutritional value of the maple sap, they contain minerals and nutrients that are an essential part of our daily nutritional requirements. Its unique taste is particularly satisfying. Maple products are rich in amino acids and phytochemicals, which help reduce appetite by interacting with the mouth’s taste receptors and the stomach.

100% DV Manganese

Aids in energy production

37% DV

Aids in metabolic processes

18% DV Zinc

Helps your immune system

5% DV Potassium

Maintain healthy blood pressure

Nutrition facts

The suggested serving of 60ml provides an ample amount of minerals, amino acids and fewer carbohydrates than other refined and unhealthy artificial flavours.
And, there is only one ingredient: 100% Canadian maple syrup. 100% pure and simple!

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