The unique flavour of maple, its purity and its other healthful qualities lends to multiple uses, whether in the preparation of dishes or in pouring on top of your morning porridge.

Indulge in this Canadian classic.100% pure.

Inspiration for maple

Have sugar and chunks on your ice cream

Blend amber syrup in your favourite cocktails

Add syrup or sugar to your favourite marinades and sauces

Replace regular sugar with maple sugar in all baking

Pour a bit in your coffee

Put it on your morning porridge

Where it all began

We are not sure how the Native Americans discovered maple syrup, but we are very glad they did! They called the syrup“sinzibukwud”, meaning “Drawn from the tree” which pretty much sums up the entier description in one simple world. There is not much else to it! Read more about the process below.

They did not make syrup back then but instead boiled it down until it became a solid piece of pure maple sugar. Maple syrup this dehydrated will last forever. They would take a piece off and put it into water and make maple syrup. Or they would grate it throughout the year and shred it as a flavouring on other foods.

The Europeans quickly fell in love with this sweetener and its delicious taste. It was sweet, it was good, it was different. Back then, sugar was not as abundant as it is today so it was a real treat for the European settlers.

The process



Holes are drilled in the tree using a drill. A tap is inserted into the hole allowing the sap to flow into a bucket.



Sap is gathered into what was traditionally called “the sugar shack”

Step 3


The sap is boiled down until a syrup consistency of the liquid is achieved.



The syrup is filtered under gravity or pressure to remove impurities.